Introducing the world’s first and only eco-friendly bladeless ceiling fan with dimmable LED lights. The Exhale Fan will achieve unparalleled comfort and energy savings through our patented 360° Laminar Airflow Vortex Technology. 

The Bladeless Revolution

Through years of research and development, the entire team at Exhale Fans has dedicated itself to perfect the original concept of a bladeless fan. This effort paved the way for the success of our Flagship model, the EF-34. The production of the EF-34 met the original goal of balancing the entire temperature of a room while creating a comfortable environment. Today, thousands of homes and businesses worldwide are experiencing the same comfort from the Exhale Fan!


Breath Better

Sleep Better

Save Energy


In a typical room, air is stratified. Cold air sinks to the floor and warm air rises to the ceiling.

The Exhale Fan’s spinning discs create a 360 degree vortex effect which draws air from the floor and moves it across the ceiling and down the wall.

Air is constantly circulated this way, making every cubic inch of the room the same temperature within 90 seconds and recirculated every 25 seconds (moving roughly 5,000 CFM).



Winters In Vermont are very cold. My house burs wood for heating our boiler. The new Exhale fans in our home saved us $ 1000 in one winter season and we burned 40% less wood. Simply Amazing!” – Ian


Very happy with the cooling effect and near silence! It hangs above our bed and it gives a lovely breeze without being annoying like a normal fan. Superb.” – Daniele C.

Daniele C. – Italy – 2019/05/07.

Our Exhale fan is installed and it really works! We are very happy and we want to thank you a lot.” – Kirsten & Reto

Kirsten & Reto – Switzerland – 2019/03/16.

A BIG thanks to the folks at Exhale Fans! Wonderful product, easy install! Total time spent installing from dropping the old fan to installing the Exhale? Only 25 minutes!” – Martin 


Since it is getting warm, we have been sleeping with the Exhale fan on speed 2. It’s almost imperceptible (no noise) and the air comes from everywhere (breeze effect). It’s very pleasant and refreshing.” – Pierre

Pierre – France – 2017/06

I bought this product in September, received it quickly, easy to install, very quiet, very homegeneous ventilation, consumes almost no power and with the dimmer LED option, it’s really good. This product is the best of the best. In addition, the professionalism of Exhale Europe is excellent. Thank You” – Thierry L

Thierry L – France – 2017/09