Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Exhale Fan work?
The patented Exhale Bladeless Fan produces a smooth 360° airflow profile that is unmatched within the ceiling fan industry. Air is not simply directed straight down but moves around the room in a pleasant cyclonic or vortex flow. The effect is an even flow of air throughout the room where temperature zones are completely and evenly mixed (Thermal-destratification)
How is this different from a traditional ceiling fan?
Traditional bladed ceiling fans have blades or foils that move air but they simply do not have the ability to move air in every direction. Traditional ceiling fans are also incapable of maintaining a unified temperature in a room.

The vortex airflow profile generated by the Exhale Fan is unmatched in the ceiling fan industry. Air is not simply directed straight down but moves around the room in a pleasant cyclonic flow. The entire space is a unified temperature within 90 seconds of running an Exhale Fan from wall to wall, floor to ceiling.

How long will the Exhale Fans de-stratify my room?
Depending on your room size, in a 400 square foot room, the Exhale Fan can completely mix all temperature zones within 90 seconds. The room will remain so as long as the fan is running.
What is the benefit of thermal destratification?
Thermal Destratification is the mixing of all temperature variances within the room. Thermal destratification from the Exhale Fan is suitable for both hot and cold climates. Completely de-stratified air offers a greater level of thermal comfort and control in both summer and winter in non-conditioned spaces and improves the efficiency of air-conditioning and heating systems.
How will the Exhale Fans work with my air conditioner?
The Exhale Fan complements HVAC perfectly by lowering the load on your air conditioner and thereby reducing your electricity bill.

When you lower the temperature of your air conditioner by 2° F (1° C), the electricity usage increases by 5% to 15%. The 360° vortex air flow from the Exhale Fan not only gives you a subtle breeze, but it also cools down the entire room through thermal destratification.

An Exhale Fan at the highest setting consumes only 50 watts of energy, that is less than one light bulb.

How much money can the Exhale Fan save me?
The Exhale Fan gives you the ability to experience ECO-friendly thermal destratification at a price where savings rapidly justify its costs. Based on current research you can receive a 23% – 38% savings on your HVAC system operation. By operating your Exhale Fan you are able to increase your thermostat by 2° – 4°; an Exhale Fan can pay for itself within 18 to 24 months.
How loud is the Exhale Fan?
All Exhale Fans are whisper quiet. No loud wind noise, motor buzzing, clunky unbalanced blades or rattling chains. At its highest operating speed, the Exhale Fan produces only 40-43 dB. That’s as quiet as a Library… shhhh… sorry!
How do I clean my Exhale Fan?
Cleaning the Exhale Fan is a breeze!

Here are some ways to clean it:

Hold a static duster (like a Swiffer) softly against the fan while it is at its lowest speed.

Use a vacuum dusting attachment.

A mini-blind cleaner works well.

A microfiber cloth, wet or dry (turn the fan off first).

Or for a deep clean, simply take the fan off the DC motor, take the housing outside, and use a garden hose and spray and let dry. The disc array is easy to install/uninstall (due to the size, helpful with 2 people!).

How strong is the LED lighting that comes with the fan?
The adjustable LED lighting in a single Exhale Fan is room illuminating for rooms up to 400 square feet. Our LEDs are dimmable to 20% of their full brightness or can be turned off completely.

LEDs are available in a choice of color from cool/daylight (6,000k) to warm light (3,000k) (like the tone of an incandescent bulb).

At 100%, the Exhale Fan LED lighting produces 1,100 lumens and can last for approximately 30,000 hours.

How long can the Exhale Fan last?
Exhale Fans are made to last!

To back up our claim:

We offer a lifetime guarantee on your Exhale Fan housing.
We offer a 5-year warranty on our full brushless DC motor.
We offer a 2-year warranty on our wireless remote, transmitter/receiver, LEDs.
We will, at our option, repair or replace the defective parts, at our expense on warranty coverage items. Warranty does not cover products and/or parts that are subject to normal wear, that can be considered consumable parts by their nature.

See our store page to replace or add on an LED system, remote, or another item for Exhale Fans. Have a warranty claim? Contact us.

Will Exhale Fans work with air purifiers?
Definitely! Get the most of your air purifier with the Exhale Fans in your home. Purified air in a normal room will only keep the cleaned air in a single area, but with the Exhale Fan that purified air will be circulated everywhere.
How long does it take to install an Exhale Fan?
Removing your old bladed fan takes longer than installing your new Exhale Fan!

In normal conditions, it can take less than 30 minutes to install the Exhale Fan. Experienced technicians can install an Exhale Fans in 15minutes in a pre-prepared installation. There are no blades to balance, no small parts to screw together.

The Exhale Fan was created with the DIY installer in mind – however, if you are not comfortable with a self-install, we encourage you to call a certified electrician to do the job. They’ll be impressed – we usually hear from contractors after they experience an Exhale Fan!

Can it be used outdoors?
The Exhale Fan is not designed for outdoor spaces.

The science behind the Exhale Fan requires barriers (such as a wall) to generate the vortex airflow. Unfortunately, this eliminates use in an outdoor space.

What is the return process if I’m not satisfied with my Exhale Fan?
In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your Exhale Fan, we provide a 30-day money back guarantee.

Please keep your original box and packing materials for the return. Exhale Fan owners are overwhelmingly satisfied; we get less than 1% of our fans returned!

Please contact us if you feel like the fan isn’t for you – we will provide return instructions.

Do you ship overseas?
Yes, we provide door to door shipping to countries that do not have a distributor.

Please send us an email with your order and shipping address for a shipping quote.

Note that the quoted shipping rates do not include any import duty and taxes. All import duty and taxes will need to be borne by the customer.

We have distributors currently in the European Union and in India. More countries will come online soon.

What are the color choices for the Exhale Fan?
We are offering our fan in Snow White in summer 2018. In early 2019, we will have light gray, charcoal, and white with gray available. Look for other color choices in 2019. Have a color request? Give us a shout through our Contact Us link!
Can I use a regular light / Can I change my bulb?
The Exhale Fan includes a custom LED in a choice of two colors, warm or cool for the fan. These custom lights are built for the fan and have to be replaced with lights built for the fan. The LEDs are rated for 30,000 hours and are warrantied for 2 years. We sell replacement LEDs reasonably. Other lights will not work with an Exhale Fan.

Our LEDs only use 15 watts at the highest intensity.

Can I install the fan on a vaulted ceiling?
The Exhale Fan requires a level mounting, however, you can install your fan on a vaulted or cathedral ceiling with some aftermarket adaptations, available at most home improvement stores, or with the help of a contractor.

You may need a ceiling vault or slope adapter.
A 3/4″ downrod (available in a variety of lengths and colors)
A platform for the motor mount (the motor mount is 5.5″ wide, and cannot be seen once the disc array is affixed)
Exhale Fans is testing a downrod system built for the fan, but it is not available yet. Look for this and other options in 2019.