Thermal Destratification 

The science behind your energy savings with Exhale Fans

The Carbon Trust (UK) rates thermal destratification as “one of the top three carbon reduction initiatives for buildings.” The list of global homes and businesses that have identified energy and carbon savings via destratifying or equalizing temperatures is growing.



Thermal Destratification, or “Thermal Stabilization” is the mixing of all temperature variances within a room. In a typical room, cool air will sink to the floor and warm air will rise to the ceiling creating temperature variances, aka stratification. Temperature differentials become more extreme with higher ceiling heights, number of people, and heat-emitting machinery to name a few factors.



These temperature variances create cooling and heating loss through ceilings, cold and warm spots on floors and ceilings, and differing temperatures between walls. In a stratified room, temperature differentials not only lead to discomfort for the building’s occupants but significantly increase HVAC running costs to counteract this discomfort. When heating, your HVAC system will push warm air that rises to the ceiling until it fills down to the thermostat, creating a lot of excess heat that isn’t felt at the ceiling. When cooling, it will push cold air that sinks to the floor until it fills to reach the thermostat. Cooling and heating equipment is over working to compensate for the cold air sitting on the floor or the hot air at the ceiling which leads to over usage. The typical HVAC operation will consume roughly 40-50% of your total utility bill. When a room is “destratified,” the compressor inside an HVAC system does not have to work nearly as hard during the winter to reach and stay at the desired temperature because its taking advantage of the hot air that was previously wasted at the ceiling. When cooling, the thermostat can be raised a few degrees to adjust for a cooler feel as a result of the breeze created by the Exhale Fan.



The Exhale Fan utilizes patented 360 degree Laminar Airflow Technology which moves air in a 360 degree vortex motion, effectively making every cubic inch of a room the same temperature within 90 seconds.  You’ll feel an ideal level of thermal comfort because the fan has removed temperature variances throughout the room and has created a constant breeze. Customers around the world are breathing, sleeping, and working better thanks to the comfort created by the Exhale Fan.